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Slow Overloaded Eccentric Training

Slow Overloaded Eccentric Training

By having people perform the eccentric slowly (lowering phase of a movement where muscles contract while lengthening), you can discover a lot of things about them you might have not been aware of.

For example, with just about any style of a single leg squat, people often “bounce” or “rock with momentum” out of the bottom position to stand back up.

This usually makes them appear to be stronger than they really are, and use less of the muscles they’re trying to target.

Instead, if you have people lower down slowly from time to time, make the bottom or “landing” position as quiet as possible, and then either stand back up with both legs (or one if they’re able too without compensation), their true abilities will be revealed.

Many people will be surprised with how hard certain portions of the movement actually are.

With that said, this post was to explain how you can use slow eccentrics to “check on” positions you’re struggling with, as well as your technique and strength throughout a particular movement.

However, I talk about slow eccentrics in more detail in a previous post here.

Important note: By respecting and utilizing each type of contraction, concentric (lifting/shortening), isometric (static/no change in muscle length), and eccentric (lowering/lengthening), and each lifting tempo (fast, slow and moderate speeds of movement) you can design a well balanced training program that suits your goals.

In the video I show just a few ways to perform overloaded, slow eccentrics. Don’t limit yourself to the movements or tempos shown. Descriptions below:

1. Horizontal Push/Chest: Myself performing a bridge to press with slow eccentric.

2. Squat/Quads: Lindsey performing a goblet squat to a single leg eccentric.  

3. Pull/Back: Noreen performing an inverted row to single arm eccentric.

4. Vertical Push/Shoulders: Kate performing a double arm landmine push press to single arm eccentric.

5. Hinge/Glutes & Hamstrings: Elena performing a trap bar deadlift to single leg split stance eccentric.

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