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Total Body Warm Up Routine

Below you are receiving a complete total body dynamic warm up that can be used for resistance training. I included videos to demonstrate the exercises, and at the end of the post listed them out “on paper” so you can take the sheet to the gym with you. WHAT ARE SOME THINGS  A WARM-UP CAN DO? Improve tissue quality Increase elasticity and mobility of the major muscle groups, tendons, ligaments and joint structures. This also ... Read More »

Upper and Lower Body Warm Ups in a Flash

Here are some quick warm up videos for anyone who splits up there lifting routine into upper body and lower body resistance training on separate days. I made the videos shorter by performing only a couple of reps on each drill. I want 10-15 reps on each exercise. If the exercise is unilateral, just make sure you do at least 10-15 reps on each side just like with the bilateral stretches. I’m keeping it that ... Read More »

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