If you’re in Berkshire County, or can get here at least once, I’d love to work with you in-person.

Hi, I’m Justin Rivelli. I started JRPT coaching to help men and women drop body fat, build muscle, and increase strength without giving up their social life.

As a health and performance coach, I specialize in helping my clients lose weight, and get strong so they can feel confident. The result?

You will improve other areas of your life, like work and relationships.

You will regain energy and become more productive.

You will build habits and structure so you use fitness to enjoy life more.

Best of all, you’ll become self-sufficient and be fit for a lifetime.

You CAN Do All this. Promise!

If you have a hectic work schedule, hobbies, and other interests you’re not willing to give up…

You might think:
There’s no way I have time for exercise.”

You Might Think That, But You Would Be Wrong

In over thirteen years of in person and online training and group coaching, I’ve helped hundreds of clients achieve things they thought they could never do. 

Just look at Garrett and Mystique. The before pictures tell the story.


You’ll achieve peak performance at work and in your personal life.

Everything is handcrafted and custom-made, just for you.

You’ll manage stress, sleep, work outs, and eating the right things for you.

I know it’s easier said than done. But I’ll guide you through it. That’s why I’m here.

Who I Am And Why I Can Help

I know how hard it is to balance fitness with life, as I’ve worked 60 hour weeks, while…

… playing in a band that travels the East coast
…getting college degrees
…and opening a business….

…all at the same time!

The feeling of never enough time. There are late nights at work, and trying to fit in the things that make life worth living (like meals with friends and family).

Knowing where to start is hard. Let me help you find what’s right and works for you.

I’m a lot like you. Training helped bring me out of my shell. It encouraged me to start speaking up, and allowed me to start acting how I wanted to: Like myself.

Early in my training career, I never thought I was big or muscular enough…

So I gained weight on purpose, eating every two hours, with 8+ meals a day for over six years. I never missed a meal or workout. I took tupperware containers of food everywhere (even into bathrooms), trying to make sure I got “the best results”.

During this time I went from 155lbs to 208lbs. I’m about 5’10”.

After this, I noticed I was a lot heavier than I thought I was…

So I got as lean as humanly possible, competed in a bodybuilding competition, and stepped on stage as one of the leanest people there. Going from 208lbs, back to 165lbs, but with a lot more muscle on my frame than before.

Throughout all of these fitness phases in my life, I was also helping others…

I’ve researched, written articles, filmed videos, and coached people from all walks of life for over 13 years. And on just about every type of diet and training program you can think of.

Training clients in person and online has also shown me who I really love working with.

Average people who want to lose weight, gain muscle, and actually be proud of their body.

I love working with people who are disciplined in every other area of their life, but who just can’t get themselves to commit to a training or nutrition program.

I love showing my clients how they can work out while having a life outside fitness. Eating the foods they enjoy, spending time on their hobbies, and dating.

For some reason I relate to them as they have a lot of similar interests to me.

I want to be your guide. Here are my services.

Personal Training

I’ll supply you with a customized, and specific training system to help you achieve your needs and wants. We’ll begin by assessing your current alignment and movement capacity, gather an enormous amount of background information about you, and then build a safe and effective program to get you on track towards your goals.

Small Group Training

Here the classes are kept small to make sure we can still customize any aspect of your training and programming. There will be no more than 2-6 people per coach, which allows for much of the same service you would benefit from when personal training. Some slight differences are the lower rates, and training with the supportive and competitive environment of a group.

Mobile Training

Work out from the convenience of your own home with either personal, or small group training.

Team Strength and Conditioning

I offer team strength & conditioning services to athletes and teams of all sports and disciplines. I can help you or your athletes develop better power, mobility, speed, strength, and conditioning.


Take all of the thinking and guesswork out of your nutrition plan. You will receive a step by step, customized meal plan, that is fully specific to your needs and wants. Once your objective is decided, we will take the approach that best fits your goals and lifestyle. We’ll work together to fit meals around your schedule, include the foods you enjoy, while at the same time making sure you obtain results you want and expect.

Absolute Accountability

In order to level up your body, you need to level up your habits and identity.⁣⁣⁣
Which means shedding habits that no longer serve you⁣⁣⁣, so you can make space for new habits, rituals, and beliefs that do.⁣⁣⁣
And I will support you every step of the way. I’m anything but the “scary trainer” who will make you feel bad for “blowing your diet” or missing a workout when life happens.

And I’ll never yell at you. Instead I’m here as your guide in times of need.

Included are:
1:1 Messaging for when you have any questions or concerns.

A monthly call to discuss any challenges you’re having, and to clear up any confusion or expectations.

Daily, weekly, and monthly metrics to ensure that we are staying on track, like bodyweight, measurements, and pictures.

Here’s what Ed says about it:

“Hey Justin – I wanted to send a big thank you for all of your help and support over the past 4 months. I have never had so many people comment on my muscularity as I have in the last three weeks. Between a few beach parties and going different places (even the golf course if you can believe it) the comments have been a huge motivator and also confirmation that all of the hard work is finally paying off.”

Apply for in person coaching immediately by filling out this form here:

Frequently Asked Questions…

Everything you need to know, before beginning your body transformation journey.

1. What does your coaching program involve?

My in person coaching program creates individual training programs for clients. This involves an initial consultation, evaluation and assessment, regular online check-ins, nutrition coaching, progress monitoring, and creation of a plan built around your training experience, priorities, goals and assessment findings.

2. Where are the in person training sessions held?

2 South Street, Suite #40

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 01201

3. Can you give me a sample workout so I know whether this is suitable for me?

All plans are custom built to you as an individual. In our initial consultation, we will figure out your needs and goals. The training regime is completely dependent on your current level of commitment, abilities, schedule, preferences, and the place you aspire to be.

4. Can I complete my workouts at my gym or home?

Yes. I also offer online training if you’d prefer to perform part, or all of your training program elsewhere. The beauty of my body transformation program is that you can workout wherever you are, and whenever you want to train.

5. Is there a time commitment involved?

Learning how to do things properly (and getting fast and lasting results) doesn’t happen in 1 hour. Therefore, there is a minimum 6-week commitment for online coaching and a minimum 4-week commitment for in-person coaching. My single focus is to make sure you reach your fitness goals, while living a life you enjoy. It takes relationships, communication and commitment to give you the tools you need to succeed. I champion honesty, integrity and new ways of thinking to help clients reach their full potential.

6. What are my next steps?

Please apply for in person coaching by filling out this form

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