1. Provides comprehensive, individual, online and in person evaluations before anything else is done.
  2. Implements evidence based information, combined with over a decade of experience, to make sure you’re getting the highest quality service, that I believe you’ll ever receive.
  3. Supplies you with actual expectations and outcomes, tracks progress, and uses the approach that best fits your goals, behaviors and lifestyle. All while making sure you obtain the results you want, expect, work for and deserve.


  • 2 South Street, Suite #40
  • Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 01201


Personal Training

We’ll supply you with a customized, and very specific training system to help you achieve your needs and wants. We’ll begin by assessing your current alignment and movement capacity, gathering an enormous amount of background information about you, and then build a safe and effective program to get you on track towards your goals.

  • Initial online and in person evaluation
  • Individualized training program
  • Program design
  • In person Training sessions
  • Each session lasts exactly 60-minutes

Small Group Training

Here the classes are kept small to make certain we can still individualize and customize any aspect of your training and programming. There will be no more than 2-6 people per coach, which allows for much of the same service you would benefit from when personal training. Some slight differences are the lower rates, and training with the supportive and competitive environment of a group.

  • Initial online and in person individual evaluation
  • Program design
  • In person training sessions
  • Groups are capped at 12 participants per class
  • Each session lasts exactly 60-minutes

Private | Semi-Private | Team Strength and Conditioning

We offer private, semi-private, and team strength & conditioning services to athletes and teams of all sports and disciplines. We can help you or your athletes develop better power, mobility, speed, strength and conditioning with either full training programming or a specific aspect of it.

  • Initial individual online and in person individual evaluation
  • Program design
  • In person training sessions
  • Each session lasts exactly 60-minutes

Nutrition Coaching

Take all of the thinking and guesswork out of your nutrition plan. You will receive a step by step, customized meal plan, that is fully specific to your needs and wants. Once your objective is decided, we will take the approach that best fits your goals and lifestyle. We’ll work together to fit meals around your schedule, include the foods you enjoy, while at the same time making sure you obtain results you want and expect.


  • Initial individual online evaluation
  • Initial one on one in person evaluation
  • Program design


  • All of the above plus…
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Progress tracking
  • Bi-weekly phone or video sessions

24/7 Email Access

For any option either training, nutrition, or both, reach us 24/7 where we will work with you through our personal email, answer any questions you have, and monitor your training and nutrition plan to ensure you’re making the progress you should.

If you’re interested in any my services or just want to learn more, I welcome you to email me personally at

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