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What & How

What & How

When it comes to performing exercises/movements to achieve a particular goal…

WHAT you do is important. It’s a critical factor that determines whether you receive awesome or poor results.

But, if HOW you execute something isn’t of the quality needed to meet your specific outcome, you’re probably wasting your time.

For instance, imagine you strongly desire to increase the size of your glutes.

If you’re a female, you want to fill out your back pockets and look curvy, and if you’re a male, you wish to appear more powerful.

You’ve done some research on what exercises to implement, and have chosen to perform #barbell hip thrusts.

If you apply the technique used in figure A, it allows you to target your glutes with maximal tension. If you can’t spot this, her ribs are down, pelvis is tilted posteriorly, hips are extended, and glutes are rock solid.

However, if you use the form in figure B, you completely ignore putting tension on your tush, the exact musculature you intended too. Observe the arched lower back and relaxed glutes in figure B.

Therefore, you can crush your #glutes doing hip thrusts, or barely train them while performing that same movement. The difference is HOW you perform the task.

You see, even after finding out WHAT #exercise to complete to achieve your goal, HOW you execute the movement will make or break your results.

In sum…

  1. Knowing WHAT to do is crucial.
  2. The HOW increases the quality and value of WHAT you do.
  3. HOW you do WHAT you do, is what delivers either better or worse results.


Just because you copy WHAT and HOW someone else does something, doesn’t mean you’re accomplishing the same thing they are.

A few reasons why this is true, includes unique individual body proportions, #muscle insertions, injury histories, age, sex, recovery capabilities, work and #movement capacity, genetics, and more.

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