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Fat Loss Disaster’s Part one: Kitchen Mistake & “Shake Trick”

We all know the kitchen plays a tremendous role in where your physique, performance and health is made. A lot of stuff could go extremely wrong or strikingly awesome. In other words, it’s where the majority of the magic happens, especially when you’re dealing with fat loss. I not only wanted to share with you some very common problems I see at JRPT, but also how I have found to solve them. Problem #1: You’re ... Read More »

Cold Showers For Fat Loss

Please, no cringing. I can’t explain how much more awake, energized, and awesome my clients and I feel after taking cold or contrast showers. Read on to see more benefits, then use your own judgement whether you actually want to start experimenting with them. You won’t regret it. Well actually, maybe you will, at first. We are all high maintenance.We have the luxury of using hot water to bathe in and or shower consistently. People ... Read More »

Herbs and Supplements for Fat Loss, Inflammation, Stress, Appetite Suppression and More

I rarely venture outside of good quality protein powders, omega 3’s, and vitamin D supplementation. Saying this there does come come a time and place where they can be very beneficial, especially on a fat loss plan. In order to take supplements there should be prerequisites a majority of the time. If you are just starting an exercise or nutrition program it does not give you a reason to start wolfing down poor supplement choices ... Read More »

Excited Client’s Results Before Super Bowl XLVI

This is why I love my job. This was one of my email “check ins” on Saturday of this week. I asked one of my new clients Wendy if I could post this. As you can tell she super pumped about her results. Here’s a little background info on why… Cutting straight to the point, Wendy is a healthy individual who has seen dieticians, trainers and is also a very disciplined person who competes in ... Read More »

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