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If You’re a Trainer or Coach, Read This Now!

If You’re a Trainer or Coach, Read This Now!

Here’s what you should know…

  • You should be giving the world to your clients, nourishing them like a mother and protecting them like a father. Go above and beyond their expectations every single day.
  • Everyone can be helped, but there are definitely rare instances where you may need to step away from the podium.
  • Your job as a coach is to learn about your clients before applying this information.
  • Motivational speaker Jim Rohn deserves credit for a lot of the information in this post. I have re-styled his incredible words, put a twist on his ideas, and transformed his philosophy to what I believe can greatly benefit the fitness world.

“Learn to work with the people who deserve it not the people who need it.” -Jim Rohn

There’s an unlimited amount of people that want and need our help as coaches, but there are many less who deserve it. If you’re reading this I bet you put your heart and soul into each and every person you work with, as do I. The problem is we may be killing ourselves if we give until our last breath to those who need, but do not deserve our services.

As coaches, if we want to succeed, we must be like life itself and respond to the people who deserve it by planting and taking the first step.

BE LIKE LIFE itself and respond to deserve, not to need. Life doesn’t say if you need a harvest you will have a harvest, it says if you plant, chances are good you will have one. Life says if you plant you will reap, not if you need you will reap.

The catch here is we need to teach people how to deserve our time, and to deserve our attention. This isn’t hard.

“I’ve discovered in 100% of the cases, no exceptions, people who won’t take step number one never take step number two.”- Zig Ziglar

We can say, “Sharon you take one step, and I will take two steps. You take two steps, and I will take five steps. You don’t step, I don’t step. But if you try, I try. If you make an effort I will take care of you.”

For example if a client shows up consistently without missing sessions, I will give them a free week of group training, or hand them a gift card for any of my services. If they make an effort, I take an extra step and give them not only my service, but a reward to compliment them.

Check and confirm your clients understand this before you start helping them.

As my clients know, before you are able to meet with me in person I have you fill out an information sheet that takes a week to complete if you do it properly. I don’t only do this for the vital data I need, but so I know you are at least somewhat serious and ready to take at least a small step as well.

If someone messes up, don’t leave them in a mess. We help people cross the bridge. We have the answers.

Clients have been looking for the answers, and we have them. We help people cross the bridge. We are the ones who see something in our clients before they see something in themselves. We assure them that it’s possible for them to be more than they are, therefore they can have more than they currently possess.

You must not only help people see themselves as they are, but see themselves better than they are. Transport them to the future to see the person they can become.

Nourish them like a mother and protect them like a father. Keep them alive, and foster their development. Provide them with the substances necessary for life, growth, and feed, when you perceive they are in a downward spiral. Defend your client against encroachment of outside voices that try to talk them out of it.

Too many trainers and coaches give up on people devilishly early.

If something doesn’t go your way, if something doesn’t go their way, if they discontinue training with you etc. don’t let all action decrease or completely stop on your end. Failures are going to occur. What you do with the failures is what matters.

Let your clients know you are not expecting perfection.

Nobody should be avoiding a response back to you because they feel foolish they didn’t execute what you agreed on.

Did you tie your shoes, ride a bike, or play an instrument perfectly the first day, month, or year you attempted any of these skills?

Probably not, and you probably still don’t. Perfect doesn’t exist, and in every case this is okay. Everything you do from dieting to training takes practice with the objective to get better. Let them know this.

There is always a way to lend a helping hand during hard times, inspire people when they are down, and to rebound from the side effects of life.

However, there’s a key word missing here some of our clients may not possess just yet.


It’s not the money that buys you fortune it’s your skills and ambition.

If clients have all the money in the world to buy as many services they want or we recommend, their results will be unsatisfactory if they lack skills and ambition.  On the other hand if clients have no money, but possess ambition and use the skills we teach them correctly, they open up the treasure chest of results we know they can have.

Again it’s not the money that buys anyone fortune, its skills and ambition.

Remember, we are the one percent. Most people don’t live in our little world. Some are visiting for the first time.

You must find out everything about your client before you apply this information otherwise all I just said can be erased from your memory. Ask good questions and make strategic alterations according to what they are able to handle.

I used to say that I will make everyone successful no matter what, even if it kills me.

I was wrong. If you’re a dedicated coach you have to realize that we cannot change people, we can only change ourselves.We can inspire, motivate, and lead people to water, but in the end we can’t make them drink it.

Ambition is a powerful force, if our clients don’t have any there is only so much you can do to drive, influence, and guide them.

Don’t just read this and just say you hit the nail on the head “my clients don’t deserve me”.

It’s almost always our fault as a coach someone doesn’t get results or stay consistent. It’s our weakness for not understanding our clients. If they didn’t accomplish something it’s our responsibility to work with them and ask better questions.

Create your own philosophy on the information I presented you with and feel free to share it with your clients before you start a new relationship. You and your new life will appreciate it,

Again Motivational speaker Jim Rohn deserves credit for a lot of the information in this post. I have re-styled his incredible words, put a twist on his ideas, and transformed his philosophy to what I believe can greatly benefit the fitness world.

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