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My Facility | Before & After

My Facility | Before & After

After over nine years of coaching people through training and nutrition programs, more than twelve years of practicing what I preach, and an entire life of wanting to help others, I have reached the point where I am able to do this in any way I choose, on my own terms.

If you’re wondering what this means, it’s that I have recently opened up a local, evidence based, training and nutrition coaching facility in Pittsfield Massachusetts.

Although I didn’t grow up having the same financial support as others around me (this is not a bad thing) I did have the emotional and physical backing of family, clients, friends, and the like.

I told Elena I don’t like writing about myself, so I’m just going to copy and paste a short couple paragraphs she has written below.

“Anyone can have fitness as a hobby, go online, and become an “expert”.  With the fitness industry becoming bigger than ever, it seems there are new trainers and facilities popping up everywhere. They typically brag about themselves yet have no real clients, experience, or knowledge. They supply programs and information with no real purpose and just go through the motions. Some even just hop on the current training and diet fads, and their clients never see many results, especially long term.

When I first met Justin over three years ago, I was instantly drawn to his excitement and passion for helping others, and the fact that he had made this his life. I could see the care and special attention he gave to every single person that came to him and how he learned as much about that person as he could by asking for their history, current lifestyle, ultimate goal, and all of the little details, that are important, that most “trainers” skip over. He adjusted to meet the needs of everyone individually and what was going to best suit them to reach their goals.

When he’s not in person coaching his clients, he is glued to his laptop or phone, answering emails from current clients and adjusting programs to give them the best results they can possibly have. His limited “free” time is spent pouring through the latest, evidence based research to truly understand the science behind everything.  Justin is much more than a trainer.  He is a person who has a true passion for what he does and I’m very honored to be able to see part of his dream be lived out by opening a facility.”

To those reading, all I’m asking, is that you share this post to make people aware I’ve have recently opened up a local training and nutrition, coaching based facility in Berkshire County Massachusetts. If you have any questions about anything just message me. You can see the gym in the video above.

More content that I believe will be valuable to you is coming soon. Thanks for the support!

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