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Three Step Mental & Physical Exercise You Can Use Right Now

Three Step Mental & Physical Exercise You Can Use Right Now

I find that when you limit your thinking to one particular concept, creativity can explode when you try to expand WITHIN it.

What do I mean?

STEP 1. PICK A SPECIFIC CONCEPT: For example, I’ll choose a standard fitness movement. The barbell bench press with a straight bar.


For me this is where I traveled. Understand you personally could have toured elsewhere. Shown in video.

  1. Flat bench press with a straight bar
  2. Alter your grip (Fat grip, wide, moderate, narrow, reverse etc.)
  3. Change the angle and/or range of motion (flat, incline, decline, floor press, etc.)
  4. Change your lower body position (feet up, feet down, bridged, etc.)
  5. Change the tempo of certain phases of the movement (slow, fast, etc.)
  6. Use isometrics and pauses
  7. Change the bar path (guillotine press, JM press, lower on the chest, etc.)
  8. Scrape the rack variations
  9. Change the rep style (1.5 reps, increasing in ROM, etc.)
  10. Change the way you load up the bar (plates, chains, bands, hanging etc.)
  11. Offset weights (more on one side of the bar)
  12. Scrape the rack
  13. Place tension around elbows
  14. Combine any of the methods above
  15. When it comes to programming this lift, you can change things like the volume (sets + reps x load), intensity (what percentage of your 1rm/weight being used), frequency (how many times per week) and more depending on your current circumstances.
  16. Change your lifting partner
  17. Your music or lack thereof
  18. Temperature of the room and more etc.
  19. Do not limit yourself to the methods shown

Note: I didn’t even go into different bars, kettlebells, dumbbells, cables or other horizontal pressing or chest variations yet. This is just the straight barbell bench press.

When you start getting into other movements or ideas you actually like, your brain can really take off when you use this style of thinking.

STEP 3. PUT INTO EFFECT WHAT YOU THOUGHT UP, PRACTICED, AND/OR CREATED: For example, for step three I made this post, and also now use different movements with myself and clients because of it.

I was inspired to write this because of all the people that come to me in person stating they themselves or their physical therapist, massage therapist, or other health care provider have “tried everything”, which is never the case.

This doesn’t have to be for fitness only. I even use it with music frequently. Comment with your thoughts below and I’ll respond to you personally.

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