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I Want to Lose 17 Pounds by December 19th

How does one formulate numbers for either fat loss or lean muscle gain? Whenever I get a new client they have often have this special number picked out in their head when trying to either gain or lose weight.  On top of this, they are very confident that it’s where they want, have, or need to be body weight wise. This is okay and it’s fantastic to have a goal, but there is no possible ... Read More »

3 Fast and Easy Homemade Pre-Workout Meals!

Everybody has their own tolerance to pre-workout food. Therefore, eating before a workout can be either be fantastic, or it can be an issue. I have seen people get upset stomachs and or need to “break” in the bathroom, and others whose performance excels dramatically from pre-workout fuel. If you read this article, don’t usually eat pre-workout, and then decide you want to try one of the options below, I suggest starting slowly and eating ... Read More »

Click Here For Your Three FREE Fat Loss e-Books
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